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A Billionaire Menage: Kiss Me (Book 1) Emme Salt

A Billionaire Menage: Kiss Me (Book 1)

Emme Salt

Kindle Edition
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Lacey’s reluctant to abandon her college girlfriend Krista, but she can’t turn down a position as personal assistant to the enigmatic Warren Linwood.Once she arrives on his sprawling estate, Lacey’s helplessly drawn to her handsome billionaire boss…and a freak storm lands her naked and vulnerable in his arms.He makes it clear to Lacey that he’s ready to own her, body and soul…but will Lacey be willing to give up Krista to serve him?This steamy 7,000 word erotic short story features extremely explicit themes and situations. Adults only!* * *He was standing in front of the couch, a wild desire written on his face. Under his shirt his muscles were taut, flexing...I knew then that he’d been watching me.Had he been watching me the whole time I’ve been here? Did he like what he saw?He unbuttoned his shirt with fumbling fingers before he yanked off his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. He advanced on me like a predator.I twitched as he laid his hands on my waist.* * *Click on the cover above to Look Inside for more sizzling hot action!