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Seeing Beyond the Basic Truths of John 3:16 Lee Jr, James Thomas

Seeing Beyond the Basic Truths of John 3:16

Lee Jr, James Thomas

Kindle Edition
58 pages
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 About the Book 

This book has been written to clear up some confusion about John 3:16. In the pages that follow, the actual originator of those words will be identified. The verse is in red in Bibles that identify the words of Jesus with red letters. But did He really say those words in His conversation with Nicodemus? In reaching the most logical conclusion, careful consideration will be given to the verb gave in that verse and to the Apostle Johns use of the aorist active indicative case for that verb. Verses from other parts of his writings and the New Testament will also be considered to arrive at the most reasonable understanding of the aorist active indicative verb case.The key words in John 3:16 will be examined based on their meanings in the original Greek language. When trying to understand the Bible, returning to the original language almost always provides the best results. In more recent years, people have sometimes reduced the meaning of believeth to where it is only a shadow of what the originator had probably intended it to mean. They have also often tried to say that a person must believe this or that to be saved. But is that really what the originator of those words was saying? Some people have developed nice little template-type prayers that are intended to lead someone to Christ. But is that really what God in heaven is waiting to hear?This book is about educating Christians about one particular verse in the Bible and about true Bible salvation. To that end, the eternality of Bible truth will be presented. Explanation about how Old Testament saints were saved will also be given. The end conclusion is that God never changes. Hebrews 13:8 says, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Therefore, He has never changed in the way that He saves people. He has never changed in what He requires of people to be saved. For someone to believe that a person born after the death of Christ is saved any differently than those born before His death on the cross is to deny Hebrews 13:8.This book will show why Abraham got saved and why his father, Terah, did not. This book will also show how General Revelation is the real key to anyone getting saved. The hope is that the Lord will be honored and glorified by those things that have been written.